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Important news about Bitcoin miner fee
As you may be noticed by now the total number of Bitcoin unconfirmed transactions dramatically increased. At the moment we pay almost a $2 fee for each withdrawal transaction. For us in order to keep up with our withdrawals and boost the confirmation time, our team decided to temporarily change the minimum withdrawal amount to 0.003.
This action is retroactive and affects all members. We keep monitoring the network and will change back the minimum amount once the network gets back to normal.

Thank you for your patience
Netonbit management
SiteLock security system
We have protected the website by SiteLock automated website security system. Site lock completely Protected NetOnBit from hackers. We used the SiteLock Trust Seal to increase visitor confidence.

NetOnBit management
New Investment plans

Due to the fluctuation of the market and as a result of a constant effort of our technical team, we achieve a new approach of a plan.
We would like to inform you that the previous investments would be valid for the lifetime but would be no longer applicable.
We are proud to announce that your investments can be benefited by 0.96% hourly for 120 hours, 18% daily for seven days, and 170% after ten days.

NetOnBit LTD Management
Minimum withdrawal adjustment
We are announcing that the minimum requirement for withdrawal adjusted and reduced to 0.0005 BTC.

Netonbit management
Four months trustworthy
Finding a financial company that you can trust and that consistently produces results for its clients can be hard to find, especially today. Choosing the right financial firm can be the difference between retiring early and comfortably or having to work into your 70s.
Our mission over four months ago was to start an investment firm that would put its clients at the front and center of the business. Since October 2018, we have worked hard to establish a growing financial company that allows our clients to invest their money wisely and earn money on an hourly basis. It is a success for our company that has grown over the last four months. We hope you will be participating in this mission and allow us to continue to serve you for the next 40 months!

Netonbit management
NetonBit welcome you all
October 19, 2018, is a significant day for the innovative platform Netonbit. Today, the project officially began its operation and is ready to accept investments, as well as to bring a stable profit to each investor and partner of the company.To date, all preparatory work related to the work of the platform has been carried out. The official legal existence Netonbit LTD was registered. This company is located in the legal field of the UK and can legally work with investors and partners around the world.Join Netonbit and get a stable Up to 0.15% per hour for the lifetime on each Deposit.