Hourly for 120 hours
  • Minimum Deposit 0.001 BTC
  • Principal included
  • Total Return 115.2%
Daily for 7 days
  • Minimum Deposit 0.1 BTC
  • Principal included
  • Total Return 126%
After 10 days
  • Minimum Deposit 1 BTC
  • Principal included
  • Total Return 170%

Welcome to NetonBit

Netonbit LTD is a cryptocurrency trading company established during the end of 2017. Now we have decided to go online our business to offer our investment services to clients from all over the world.

We help our investors in getting the most out of their investment. During the first quarter of 2018, we have earned around 4% profit a day by managing our state of the art trading algorithm!

Made for You. Managed by Us.

Our investment service can be broken down into two separate but equally important parts.

1. We build your portfolio. We give you entrance to all significant cryptocurrencies, with an investment universe including more than 100 crypto-coins. We use only the most profitable strategies that we rigorously select for you.

2. We regularly manage the risk in your portfolio.

We monitor the risk of the investments in your portfolio on a daily basis. When our investment model predicts a breach of your risk tolerance, we adjust your holdings. The result is a smoother investment performance and a better risk-adjusted profit.

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Payment Method We Accept

Invest in our plans by making payment through finest Payment systems available.


Affiliates Commission

  • 1 Level3%
  • 2 Level1%
  • 3 Level0.5%

Using our Affiliation Program, you can easily earn commission . Make the most out of NetonBit referral system, structured on we've designed it in 3 layers and you will earnings each time a referral makes a deposit by your referral link.

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Our Company Registration

Company Number : 11106452


Trading Team

We monitor the risk of the investments in your portfolio on a daily basis.

Payment Method

We Accept only Bitcoin through our platform.


100% Security

With the best data encryption and SSL server technology currently available, our platform is completely safe and secure for transactions and personal security.

24/7 Friendly support

Our support team are always available 24/7 to attend to your inquiries, issues or queries. Our support team can also provide support in a variety of language.


Latest News

Important news about Bitcoin miner fee
As you may be noticed by now the total number of Bitcoin unconfirmed transactions dramatically increased. At the moment we pay almost a $2 fee for each withdrawal transaction. For us in order to keep up with our withdrawals and boost the confirmation time, our team decided to temporarily change the minimum withdrawal amount to 0.003. This action is retroactive and affects all members. We keep monitoring the network and will change back the minimum amount once the network gets back to normal. Thank you for your patience Netonbit management Read more
SiteLock security system
We have protected the website by SiteLock automated website security system. Site lock completely Protected NetOnBit from hackers. We used the SiteLock Trust Seal to increase visitor confidence. NetOnBit management Read more

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Today Investment

Today investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the most popular and profitable way to generate income.

We offer excellent and steady returns with various investment Plans, We design our plans to be accurate according to our market revenue.

NetonBit Platform will overseen by a team of experts.

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